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ARETE Screens is a world-class manufacturer of Projection Screens. A team of passionate innovators who care about design and functional excellence.

We launched our Fixed Frame Screens in 2016 after 2 years of research into every visual aspect of Home Cinema Experience. For the first time in India 10x Series is offered in 1-inch incremental sizes across all fabrics and aspect ratios. So you can pick the exact size that fits your room.

The 10x Series is precision crafted with an All Metal Frame. The Ultra Thin 10mm Bezel makes people pause for a second glance but still wide enough to absorb light spill. Fabric options include Pro Grey, Accu White and True AT (acoustically transparent). 

To deliver performance under practical conditions our fabrics are created with Multi-Layer Technology. The result is uncompromising depth and detail – precisely what your 4K Projector expects from the screen.

The design philosophy at Arete is to create meaningful products for Home Cinema. We have created a Modern projection screen with great picture quality and ease of installation. All the design choices were made for best customer experience. Find out the difference an Arete Screen can make to your home cinema.

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